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How To Play: 2 Chaos Giant

Using Mouse

About 2 Chaos Giant

Heroes and Heroios have always been a part of our lives. The current generation of videogames is more realistic than ever and features a rich variety of hero characters for players to interact with. However, the feeling of playing as a superhero or a ninja might not be the same for everyone. 2 Chaos Giant is essentially a 2D version of Superheroio with an emphasis on combat, narrative and fun rather than statistics and combos. 

This time, you can create chaos on the battlefield by occupying the enemy's weapon. Use your favorite characters to gain experience points so you can level up, or you can pick up skill items to become into a giant or invincible. You can effortlessly acquire heroes with the help of daily rewards and assignments. This is an invasion-style game. All the superheroes are gathered around you in a place where you are put together. Within the perimeters, you are allowed to wander about. To get larger by completing the levels is your goal. As you grow larger, you can move around the region more easily and attack your competitors more effectively.