Stickman Simulator Final Battle

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How To Play: Stickman Simulator Final Battle

Using Mouse

About Stickman Simulator Final Battle

A new challenge is about to begin for the Stickman community. We’re getting close to the final battle with AI stickmen in “Stickman Simulator Final Battle”. This is the last update before this game ends on March 31st. If you are interested in winning this battle or want to see how it will all end, you can check out the website at and follow us on Facebook.

The Stickman Simulator is a game that you play against computer opponents. You fight with different kinds of sticks, depending on the game. In the final battle, you can use all kinds of weapons! This battle has no winner, so take your time and hit as many rounds as possible before the timer runs out. 

The final battle has begun! In this epic war of good vs. evil, players take control of one of over 30 unique heroes to fight their way through an entire cast of terrifying Stickman enemies. Fight them with sword and shield, or unleash your stickiest kicks as you take on the world in a whole new dimension.