Stickman Hero Fight

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How To Play: Stickman Hero Fight

Key Features • Easy controls to deliver a fatal blow with just a tap of one finger • Ultra violent stickman fighting, pesticides are not a crime • Plenty of weapons! Sword, Hammer, Trident, Chainsaw • Choose your moves, bruise, slam and beat your way to victory • Devastating magic with special powers in death duels • Destroy them all, stickman has no mercy! Instruction In the world of stickman, you can choose different professional roles, use unique skills to defeat the enemy, continue to pass the level successfully, win the game, unlock more powerful skills, improve your combat effectiveness, and make your level break easier.

About Stickman Hero Fight

Its your day, you’re a stickman. You get to do anything you want. Well, everything but fight other sticks! It is your first day on the job as an adventurer and fighting stickmen is the least dangerous thing you can do. Help these boys’ Stickman Heroes take on the strong sticks from around the world in this game of virtualstickmanstickfightingAdventures of Stickman Hero! After years of constant fighting between sticks, they finally meet in reality. With weapons like guns, knives and even lasers, these new warriors are ready to have some fun — and meet their match in the most unexpected place…the internet. 

Stickman Hero Fight, game, action, boy, 1player, 2022, stick fighter Stickman Hero Fight is a top-down fighting game where you play as a Stickman. This is your chance to prove yourself as the best stickman in the world by facing off against every stickman from history and their Stickmen friends! These are real stickmen who have fought in real wars and made amazing discoveries. Choose one of eight different character classes and train hard to become the ultimate hero.