Stickman City Shooting 3D

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How To Play: Stickman City Shooting 3D

Using Mouse

About Stickman City Shooting 3D

So here we are again, the Stickman City Shooting 3D game is BACK. This time a new shooting game has been released by SNK called This amazing game. If you’re looking for an intense and challenging arcade shooter game to play with your friends, this is it! This new version of This one has so many new features that it’s almost unfair to compare it to its predecessor. 

This amazing game is an an adventure shooting game. You are a stickman shooter in Stickman City. You have to protect your city from the incoming stickmen by shooting them down with your slingshot. Stickman City Shooting is an entertaining single-player Stickman battle royale game with lots of foes in the city. Try to survive in this absurd stickman universe while acquiring resources and weapons to take out your foes. Use this skill to evade when you're about to die because the game will then play in slow motion.