Stickman Armed Assassin Going Down

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How To Play: Stickman Armed Assassin Going Down

Using Mouse

About Stickman Armed Assassin Going Down

You see that stickman? You know, the one walking around with a gun? The one who seems to only appear in video games? The one who isn’t real? Well guess what… he’s almost certainly an assassin. Kill a few people and you’ll gain notoriety as ‘The Stickman,’ complete with a codename and your very own online gamer name. But don’t worry if you’re feeling unsafe playing online; we all are. Because this Stickman Armed Assassin Going Down is going down – in virtual reality at least. Who ya gonna call when you need to take out some bad guys without getting your face Photoshopped on the front page of Reddit? VR Knucklebones, that’s who: an intense first-person action game where you fight with your hands rather than a controller. What's more, it's completely free to play – no sign-up required and no purchase necessary either.

There’s an ancient legend that says when one of the world’s most powerful stickmen becomes corrupted by the evil within, it will lead to his downfall. And that’s exactly what will happen if you attack The Stickman.