Stick Duel: Shadow Fight

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How To Play: Stick Duel: Shadow Fight

Using Mouse

About Stick Duel: Shadow Fight

Keep your eye on the ball, that’s all you can do in a duel. If your opponent is more practiced and has the advantage of training, he will win. But if you keep your eye on the ball and stay focused, you’ll be able to outsmart and outmaneuver him. This game is a battle of wits and strategy! Use logic, memory, observation, and devious tactics to succeed. But be careful - not every trick will work twice! Stuck Duel is an action-packed stick fighting game in which two players are pitted against each other in duels. One player takes on the role of an ordinary human being while the other person controls a character from a cartoon world or an anime series. The objective is simple: defend yourself against attacks from all directions by striking back with combos, special powers, projectiles or simply by dodging your enemy's strikes. You can choose from one of two different game modes: Shadow Fight allows you to fight as an ordinary human being in private duels while Stick Fight pits you against supernatural beings such as ghosts or goblins in public stick-fight battles. 

Stick Duel: Shadow Fight is action game with physics. You fight against your opponent using only one stick! All you need to win the game is to make yourstickman hit the other stickman as many times as possible while avoiding obstacles and special power-ups. To help you fight better and have more fun, you can upgrade yourstick with different types of sticks, such as body, head and even arm and leg sticks.