Space Module

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How To Play: Space Module

Using Mouse

About Space Module

Space Module is a dangerous place for your spaceship and crew. And even though it may be difficult, you’ll never know what you are capable of until you try. In Space Explorer, you have 60 levels that will challenge you as a player to keep trying to succeed and reach the next level. There are many different upgrades and power-ups scattered throughout the game that will help you achieve your goal. You can earn coins by completing various tasks such as defeating enemies, collecting treasure chests and unlocking secret passages in walls. 

In the year 2114, humans have established a permanent presence on Mars using large orbital space stations. However, we still rely heavily on methods of space exploration that are limited to brief visits to other planets. As such, for longer term settlement we need to build more permanent facilities as well as develop new technology to allow us access to other celestial bodies and beyond. 

In this space game, you are a commander of the spaceship who is going to explore outer space. The spaceship will be controlled by AI and the enemies will also attack you in here. Your mission is to destroy all the enemies and upgrade your spaceship to defeat more enemies.