Sniper Shot: Bullet Time

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How To Play: Sniper Shot: Bullet Time

Using Mouse

About Sniper Shot: Bullet Time

Shooting forever! It seems like just yesterday that I left the Army and started playing Sniper Shot: Bullet Time. After 9 years of service, I’ve finally gotten a chance to pursue my true passion - shooting video games. That’s right, after years of being an armycover, a desk job for life, I’m finally getting back to what I do best: creating videos about games. That’s right - my old sniper friends are calling me back out of retirement to once again take on the role of video game commentator/sniperslayer! With my brand new sniper rifle and a little help from some friends, I will once again be destroying everything in sight! My name is Tim Smedley and I’m a freelance content creator based in Austin, TX.

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to hit him. That’s the idea behind Bullet Time, an awesome new shooting game that’ll have you pointing your iPhone or Android device in the direction of the nearest wall as fast as you can! The game’s super cool special effect makes it look like time has been frozen, making your targets move slowly and making them appear out of sync with the action onscreen.