Slice it All

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How To Play: Slice it All

Using Mouse

About Slice it All

In the enjoyable knife-slicing game Slice it All, you must cut a variety of objects in order to advance to the finish line. Your objective in this no-download game on site is to maneuver a massive knife so that it jumps and spins forward while slicing everything in your path without falling through the gaps.

The background music and the images of the blade slicing up food make this game, despite its potential for challenge, quite calming. Just relax and attempt to finish as many levels as you can to demonstrate your abilities.

A little surprise here, but the theme of the game Slice it All is cutting everything in half. A knife is being flipped into various heaps of slicable objects. Pipes, pencils, anvils—you know, the typical. Although the concept is rather straightforward, there are a number of layers to the experience that you must comprehend if you want to benefit the most from it.

Fortunately, we have played a significant amount of the game and learned a lot of its secrets. And we've included them in this handy guide, which is jam-packed with all the greatest Slice it All hints, tips, and techniques we could find. Even if we do say so ourselves, we're fairly happy with it.