Run Gun Robots

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How To Play: Run Gun Robots

Using Mouse

About Run Gun Robots

The Run Gun Robots you are about to play is a simple yet addictive one. You control a gun robot that has limited ammunition. To keep yourself occupied, You have to destroy as many enemies as possible. Use your arrow keys to maneuver the gun robot and shoot enemies with your main cannon. Use the +attack and -attack buttons to fire different kinds of bullets at different targets. Make use of walls, floors and ceilings to your advantage by hiding behind them from enemy bullets. Try all the different levels available in order to master each one of them. Use up your ammo by destroying enemies so that you can make room for new ones. 

A young inventor finds an ancient gun robot built by a battle-scarred warlord in the desert. The gun robot is dangerous, it makes guns, but it also has huge value — it can be programmed. Will Inventer and his friend Milly build the gun robot and sell it to the highest bidder? You decide! Shoot, hack and smash your way through over 20 levels as you attempt to make money to buy upgrades for your weapons and gadgets. Build and upgrade your very own ordnance factory as you experiment with new inventions. Arm yourself with everything from bullets to bombs, mines to cannons and more.

Make him strong, make him smart. Make him able to fight against other gun robots. Make him be the best gun robot there is! There are many types of gun robots out there and each one has their own unique way of fighting. Make sure you create the most awesome guns for your guns robot to use in battle!