Rooftop Royale

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How To Play: Rooftop Royale

Instruction Use tap controls or W key to jump, E key to shoot

About Rooftop Royale

Get ready to fight your friends in real-time gun battles using real-life firearms. YouTubers and streamers have been raving about Rooftop Royale for months now, and it’s finally here! Airing out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Royale Battles is a quick play tournament where players use their own weapons against each other in the name of gun action, battle royale style. Each match lasts only 10 minutes, with a rest period of 15 minutes before another battle royale begins. 

Building and shooting is the ultimate experience for Gun lovers. Battleroyale Royale is a top-down, battle royale style shooter where you build your own game board from can compete with friends in an endless shot-fest or create the most balanced battleroyal eu! Once you have constructed your board,you and up to 3 other players fight it out in a 1vs1 arena. Utilizing everything from guns to buildings,there are a ton of different ways to play Gun Royale.