Rabbids Wild Race

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How To Play: Rabbids Wild Race

Using Mouse

About Rabbids Wild Race

A magical race across the world! Each year, a mysterious race of rabbits known as the Wild Race takes place. You are one of many racers who will compete to be the first to cross seven different continents and claim the title of Super Rabbit! The catch? This is not your ordinary rabbit race. Your opponents are humans. And, you have only 24 hours to win or you’ll face harsh consequences. 

The adorable bunnies from Rabbids Wild Race are back on our website, and now, they're delivering a brand-new multiplayer game called Rabbids Wild Race that you can play on your phones and tablets as well.

Today, we have a very special challenge for you. In this new multiplayer adventure, the little Rabbids need your help to start gaining points. Your job is to make sure that you can gain points as quickly as possible by assisting your avatar to reach as far as possible and begin to collect all the tokens in the air.