NOVA Covered Ops

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How To Play: NOVA Covered Ops

Instruction Controls: Aim with the V-pad.

About NOVA Covered Ops

Starbound is an action-adventure game set on an alien planet. You play as a spore-like creature called a shambler, travelling from world to world as you try to prevent ruin from falling on the Human race. The graphics and soundtrack are both top-notch, but the gameplay can leave a little to be desired. I’ll be honest: before I played Starbound, I had no clue what it was about. It seems like almost every indie game these days is based on a comic book or anime series and has some kind of unusual concept – but in my opinion, that’s not enough to make games. The gameplay needs to be fun as well. 

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Nova Cover Ops is an Action-Adventure game, in which you play as Nova, a scientist who has been abducted by aliens and tasked with destroying Earth. Fight your way through Alien Structures, explore the hostile environs of Earth and confront the evil aliens that want to rule us. The game is filled with different levels of difficult and fun gameplay. The game may be simple in its essence but it is remarkably fun, action packed and addictive.