Mob Control

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How To Play: Mob Control

use mouse

About Mob Control

A palace mob simulation arcade game is called Mob Control. Make smart decisions when selecting the best mob tracks to eliminate all enemy castles in each stage. Fortunately, you have an almost infinite supply of blue stickman troops to launch coordinated assaults. At the same time, your adversary will dispatch red armies to attack your cannon in addition to waiting for your attack negatively. Even though you can only dispatch one soldier at a time, you can still send more by passing through the blue-numbered walls on the track leading to the opposing castle. Good fortune and success!

To defeat approaching red attackers and get to the enemy strongholds in the tense reaction math game Mob Control, you must unleash stickman invaders. You will shoot tiny running characters in this no-cost online game as they try to pass through portals that will multiply them or give your army more troops. A red stickman will be eliminated for every blue stickman, and vice versa. In order to defeat the red attackers and arrive at the castles at the conclusion of the path, your objective will be to dispatch more soldiers. To perform well and complete each level, avoid red portals that will cause you to lose troops and try to use blue portals instead.