Merge Harvest

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How To Play: Merge Harvest

Using Mouse

About Merge Harvest

Merge Harvest is a farm-themed puzzle game. The goal of the player in this free online game is merge two or more same objects to clear them from the field. There are different types of objects and animals for merging, including cows, sheep, pigs, horses and many more! Each object has a different appearance and it takes some time to find the perfect match. In this game you'll need your logical thinking skills since you'll be asked to find combinations that are equivalent or even smaller than the original object. The gameplay is very simple: Just drag two or more objects toward another one with the same type of object until you clear all of them from the field. If two or more matching objects cannot be merged together then they will be removed from play instead. 

Merge farms today are a bit different than they used to be. They’re more complicated, and more challenging than ever before. You must merge the fields in your farm as quickly as possible to make the most profit. Merge fields as fast as possible and earn money in this merger farming puzzle game! Merge fields to earn money! In order to merge the fields, you must match matching pairs of farm animals. For example: Sheep and Cow, or Chickens and Ducks. Matching pairs of similar animals will result in a merged field, which earns you money. 

Merge identical tiles to match 3 or more same colored tiles to clear them from the board. It’s simple but intriguing gameplay will keep you coming back for more! Are you good at solving logic puzzles? Do you like matching colors and patterns? If so, get ready to merge because this is your new favorite pastime! In Merge, the goal is simple: match three or more identical squares to remove them from the board. Your solution does not need to be logical though.