Jungle Jewels Connect

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How To Play: Jungle Jewels Connect

Using Mouse

About Jungle Jewels Connect

Playing the strategy game Jungle Jewels Connect is entertaining. Discover the amazing jungle gems that will have delicious fruits on them. To earn high scores and move up the leaderboard, finish as many stages as you can. Use it carefully because each hint will disclose a pair of jungle fruits. Don't let the timer expire before cleaning the board, so pay attention to it. If there are any Shuffle items remaining after running out of moves, the board will automatically be shuffled; otherwise, the game will be over. So pay attention to what is left in the chaos.

Jungle Jewels Connect is a brand-new, mobile-friendly match-3 game that we highly recommend. It has three difficulty levels that you can unlock as you progress through the game by beating each level, and by the time you're done, we're confident that you'll be an expert at swiping and matching even in the jungle!

Use the mouse to swipe neighboring jewels between one another. When you arrange three of the same kind in a row, either horizontally or vertically, they are eliminated, and you are awarded points. Before the time allotted for it expires on you, reach the desired amount of points to pass the level.

For that, it would be even better if you could combine more than three jewels at once. Commence right away, only here, and don't forget to keep playing because we have a ton more fantastic games in store for you, as you can imagine.