Impostor Assassin

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How To Play: Impostor Assassin

Using Mouse

About Impostor Assassin

Impostor Assassin is a stealth video game that has you playing as an assassin known as the impostor. The goal of the game is to deceive your targets by impersonating the true assassin who has been assigned to kill them. However, not every target you meet can be deceived, and some are actually destined to die. If you’re able to successfully complete your missions, then you will receive new disguises for your next assignment. Each time you play Imposter Assassin, it feels like a new experience because it makes use of various elements from previous stages that have already been explored in similar games. The concept of this game may sound complicated at first but once you grasp its mechanics, it becomes very easy to play. You’ll encounter different types of targets throughout each level such as civilians, police officers, and even security guards who are on watch duty around their building. Every security guard patrolling the streets wears a uniform which makes them easier to spot than other pedestrians so approach with caution if they spot you first before you do them. 

If you have ever played Assassin’s Creed or Prince of Persia, then you must have come across the term Impostor. A fake version of a character. After playing Assassin’s Creed IV and the upcoming AC Unity, we are going to see some new faces as well as some new names in the series. The characters in Assassin’s Creed are not just like any other person in real life. They are all trained to fight against their own kind and only those who pass their test will be allowed to join the brotherhood.

Impostor Assassin is a point-and-click adventure game created by Kiz Studios. It has been released for Android, iOS and Windows on May 22nd, 2018. The game takes place in a medieval fantasy world where you play as an impostor assassin. Your mission is to find out who murdered the king and take revenge.