Idle Money Tree

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How To Play: Idle Money Tree

Using Mouse

About Idle Money Tree

Idle Money Tree game are a type of casual game that can be found on most mobile app stores. In short, hyper-casual games are games where the player does not have to invest much time upfront in order to play. To enjoy them, you only need a few minutes per day and a smartphone or tablet. These games are perfect for anyone who wants to keep playing for a few minutes every now and then. They’re also an excellent option for anybody looking to target casual players. 

In this game you need to grow a Money Tree and make sure that it gets enough sunlight, water, and fertilizer so that it can continuously produce money forever. The more money the tree produces, the faster it grows. Currently there are 7 different kinds of seeds you can plant in order to obtain new trees and also rare unique types of trees which have special properties. All you need to do is buy each seed individually from the store, plant it in your backyard and wait for your tree to grow. 

Idle Money Tree is one of the most popular social games in the world. Millions of people have played this game, and it is still very popular today. You are probably wondering what kind of game this is and if you should play it as well.