Huggy Army Commander

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How To Play: Huggy Army Commander

Using Mouse

About Huggy Army Commander

Are you ready to become the perfect soldier of your nation? Join the game Huggy Army Commander and get ready to join your army. The game is based on the strategy genre. You have to be very attentive while playing this game as it involves analyzing and thinking logically. This will help you in making strategic decisions throughout your gameplay. The goal of this artillery game is to protect your base from enemy fire. Sounds pretty simple right? Well, playing this artillery game requires a lot of brain power. 

Welcome to the world of army commander games for kids. This is the best army commander game for kids to train your mind and reflexes. There are many army commander games on Google Play, but not many can give you the real challenge. This is one of them! Your mission is to command an army and defeat your enemy forces. 

The Story: You are in charge of the army. You have to train your army and lead them to victory. You will receive new units as you progress through the levels. Use the controls in-game to train your army, develop tactics and lead them to victory.