Hidden Magic OG

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How To Play: Hidden Magic OG

Key Features - Seek and find objects simple adventure game. - Enjoy the hidden object search game anywhere you go. - Lots of hidden object levels to explore. - Adventure that's good for both adults and children. - Awesome graphics scenes. - Interesting gameplay. - Beautiful & colorful 3D graphics. - 42 levels to discover - Intuitive interface. - Easy controls. Instruction Use a mouse or touchpad to play this game. Click or tap to find Hidden Objects and look around. In the Hidden Object adventure puzzle find different missing items. Objects for search will be displayed below, and your task is to take a look around your 3D environment and find 'em all at the location of the rooms as quickly as possible.

About Hidden Magic OG

In the hidden object game Hidden Magic OG, everything is in 3D, and you can even turn the room around to locate what you're looking for. In order to assist the alchemist in making potions and magic, you must look for the lost items in this puzzle game. The game is divided into several levels, each of which has a unique setting inside an enigmatic home. A magical atmosphere is created by the intricate 3D graphics, which draws you into the journey.

You'll come across enjoyable and straightforward hidden object tasks as you play. There are numerous levels to discover in this game that is appropriate for both adults and kids. The gorgeous and vibrant visuals produce an engaging gaming experience.

To complete the goal in the game Hidden Magic OG, find the items that are listed at the bottom of the screen. It is up to you to locate every object. The components on this list come in handy when creating spells and brews, as you will discover. The places where quests are located are represented by numbered rooms, each of which has a different level, can be explored from a different vantage point inside the room, and has a variety of items to discover. To advance through each stage, you must solve puzzles, and doing so will take you to a fantastical world that you won't want to leave.