Flip Skater Idle

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How To Play: Flip Skater Idle

Using Mouse

About Flip Skater Idle

Flip Skater Idle is a casual skateboarding game where you perform tricks, grinds and other skating acrobatic moves to keep your balance. The game features 3D graphics, realistic physics and realistic sound effects. Flip Skater also has an achievement system so that you can track how many tricks you’ve landed in total. The more you play the more achievements you’ll unlock! The game is easy to play but hard to master!  Fixed some minor

Do you love skating and playing games at the same time? Then this is the gameplay for you! Flip Skater is a casual skating game in which your objective is to keep your skateboard as long as possible without falling. The longer your board remains in the air, the higher your score will be. But wait; don’t worry about that if you are not so good at this game. Just aim for perfection by practicing until you get better at it. In order to achieve the best result possible, make sure that you know how to do tricks before jumping on ice. 

Wear whatever you want and skate wherever you want. Flip Skater is the ultimate casual skating game! Take on various challenge missions, upgrade your board and skater by unlocking new clothes and accessories, and customize your skater’s look. Are you up for a bit of competition? Challenge your friends to see who can reach the highest score in real-time with our Online Leaderboards feature! Unlock new achievements as well as collect coins to buy more clothes and accessories. You can play this game either casually or competitively.