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How To Play: Flamit

Instruction Touch the screen controls or use arrow keys to move the Player

About Flamit

In this game you have to help the fire to get out of the cave without hitting any stones or other obstacles. You can do that by strategically jumping from one platform to another. 

Flamit is full of dangers and mysteries. And you’re a lightning bolt, able to strike from distant places and solve these problems with your power. Jumping from one place to another, vanquishing monsters and finding treasures are what you do best. But beware of the traps laid by your enemies! It is time for you to conquer more terrifying dungeons as well as strange ruins hidden in the world. 

This is a simple game that feels like one big challenge. You'll need to think fast and act quick to get as far as possible. You have a limited fuel supply, so you'll need to decide which challenges to take on first.