Feller 3D

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How To Play: Feller 3D

Using Mouse

About Feller 3D

Choose the architecture and surroundings of the house based on your preferences and style. Use your wits and tools, chop down all the trees, and perfect the art of logging! Pick out the right trees to cut from a sparse forest to start, then progress on to gather more innovative and efficient means of eradication! Then, beginning with the wood you've laboriously collected, begin constructing homes that will make loggers everywhere jealous! Online Feller 3D gaming is available without charge.

Depending on the game you are playing, different browser games will have different common controls. However, the keyboard and mouse are the main input devices for the majority of browser games. The following are some typical controls you might come across when enjoying games in your browser:

  1. Keyboard: To move the character or browse menus, most people use the arrow or WASD keys. The Enter key is used to start or stop the game, and the space bar is frequently used to jump.
  2. Mouse: In first-person shooter games, the mouse is used to aim and shoot, choose items from menus, and engage with game objects. The right mouse button is used for secondary activities like aiming down sights or interacting with objects, while the left mouse button is frequently used for selecting or shooting.
  3. Spacebar: This key is primarily used for jumping, shooting, and object interaction.
  4. Esc button: This key is typically used to stop a game or open the menu
  5. To view the scoreboard or inventory, use the tab button.
  6. The number keys are primarily employed to switch between weapons and choose goods.
  7. Ctrl or Shift: These keys are typically used when sprinting or crouching.