EG Samurai Warriors

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How To Play: EG Samurai Warriors

Using Mouse

About EG Samurai Warriors

Try your skills as a Samurai in this 3D Action, fighting game. Become the master of defense and attack with ruthless efficiency. Choose from one of sixteen different characters and fight your way to Samurai glory! egSamurai Warriors is an action-packed, Real-Time Strategy game that mixes elements of Fighting games, Dynasty Warriors and hack ‘n’ slash sequences. Take control of up to three heroes at once via hotseat online play or competitive 4v4 matches. Utilize a variety of different fighting styles and make use of a number of powerful weapons to annihilate your foes. 

Become a legendary Samurai Warrior in this 3D action RPG! Join the EGO Army, an organization that specializes in training Samurai Warriors, and help shape the future of swordsmanship by defeating your enemies in combat-free real time strategy games. Become a legend and rise through the ranks of the elite Samurai Warrior organization known as the EGO Army. Take up arms against other warriors in epic real time strategy (RT Strategy) fighting games where skill and sword fighting are the only limits!If you love samurai movies, anime, and video games, then you’ll love Samurai Warriors. 

EG Samurai Warriors is the final chapter of Samurai Warriors 4. It takes place in medieval Japan, one year after the conclusion of Samurai Warriors 3: Empires. This time, Oda Eisuke returns as director and brings us a tale that spans over 10 years. The story picks up from where Samurai Warriors 3 left off. After having defeated Tokugawa Ieyasu at Sekigahara in 1600, Oda Nobunaga was crowned as the Lord of Japan. He would soon go to war with his arch-rival Toyotomi Hideyoshi over dominance in Asia and control over the lucrative Osaka market.