Dinosaur Fusion Simulator

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How To Play: Dinosaur Fusion Simulator

Using Mouse

About Dinosaur Fusion Simulator

Are you ready for DINOSAUR FUSION? Help these prehistoric creatures take off from the ground and become… Dinosaur Fusion! This is a fun game for all ages. It is an arcade dinosaur style game that combines elements of puzzle, simulation, arcade, and strategy games. You can play it on your own or with your friends in real time multiplayer. Your goal is to help these dinosaurs overcome obstacles, reach higher places, and fly further than your friends by fusing elements together. Get to the top of each level and show everyone what kind of power you have with the Dinosaur Fusion Power-ups! Use different combinations to overcome any obstacle or fly further than your friends. Try bonuses like 3-D glasses, jetpacks, super speed or powerful laser shots that melt away blocks in order to progress. The more levels you complete the higher the score will be. But make sure not to get achievements without even trying! There are many secret levels where you need to clear all the levels before proceeding to the next one. So this might just be a training game to get advanced players started playing against other players at a high level but who knows? Who knows if there are still hidden secrets left for advanced players? 

Are you a serious dinosaur fan and want to create your own hybrid dinosaur/avian creature? The Dinosaur Fusion Simulator is for you! It's an arcade-style game that tasks you with creating the ultimate hybrid dinosaur by merging prehistoric bird DNA with dinosaur DNA. You may have to cross species boundaries, add feathers, scales, and instruments of prey capture to create the ultimate feathered dinosaur or might have to conjure up a pterodactyl from nothing but dino-eggs? Your creations will appear in an ever-expanding virtual museum where other players can see them and take part in swapping their avian/dinosaur hybrids for the chance to be featured against other players’ creations. 

This is a game about dinosaurs. You are playing as a paleontologist who has to help capture all the dinosaurs that have escaped from a secret facility and caused an catastrophe. You can play the game with your friends or challenge yourself against hours of fun and challenge in a daily ranking mode. This game is awesome for both adults and kids alike.