Desire IO

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How To Play: Desire IO

Instruction Moving - WASD Shooting - Left mouse button Aiming - Right mouse button Changing weapons - Mouse Wheel Jump - Space Sit down - C Running - Shift to the left You can also change the controls in the game settings.

About Desire IO

Version 2022, 2players, shooting. A new year brings with it a fresh set of challenges and this means more action packed gaming sessions for you! Time to get your trigger finger ready and aim that gun in the right direction, because we’re going all out this time. The best team wins and if you have the best team then that is what you need to do. Get ready for a wild ride through the FPS world as we put together our favourite teams from each of our favorite games. 

In the first-person action game Desire IO, you will fight alongside numerous other players in a large arena. Everyone can find a game mode that suits them, including "Tournamet" mode where you can perform objectives and upgrade your weaponry. I hope your gameplay is fun!