Cube Battle Royale

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How To Play: Cube Battle Royale

Using Mouse

About Cube Battle Royale

Do you like playing games where you have to think on your feet and make the right moves to beat your opponent? If so, this game is for you! In this battle royale style game, you’ll fight it out with up to 12 other players in real life locations such as parks or malls. If you’re the last one standing, that’s a victory in our book! There are various different battlegrounds where you can go at it. Try to get the most points by getting into fights with the most people or hiding in plain sight so that nobody else can get an advantage. The more people are fighting, the harder it is to win so be sure to challenge everybody! 

Are you ready to take on the world in a whole new way? If your answer is YES, then make sure you get your game on with the Cube Battle Royale game ever created – cube battle royale! This fast-paced arena shooter will take you to a whole new level of turn-based tactics and strategy. Solve puzzles, pick up abilities, and outlast your opponents in this battle royale of tower defense games.