Color Road

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How To Play: Color Road

Using Mouse

About Color Road

Color Road is an addictive puzzle game. It's a kind of logic game in which you need to mix the same color balls to destroy them. It will not be easy for you, but it is worth for your The purpose of this game is to eliminate all the balls by matching them with the same color or different colors. To switch the color or ball type, simply tap on it and they will change into others automatically. 

In this game you have to find the matching color by sliding the blocks. If two blocks with the same color are adjacent to each other they will merge into one block. So, it is important that you place the right colored blocks in the right places. There are 2048 different combinations so there is no way of finding them all. 

Move the colored tiles to match 3 or more same colored tiles and make sure no one else can do the same. The object is to clear off the board by making certain that no one else can create any more matches with your set of colored tiles.