Bubbles & Hungry Dragon

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How To Play: Bubbles & Hungry Dragon

Using Mouse

About Bubbles & Hungry Dragon

Bubbles & Hungry Dragon, four players fight to see who can empty the screen of all the bubbles first. We sincerely hope that it will be you! This is an online multiplayer bubble shooting game, not because you will be shooting bubbles directly at another player.

Use the mouse to aim and shoot bubbles at the items at the top of the screen. Try to hit or make groups of at least three identical items so that you can remove them from the screen and earn points for doing so.

You lose if you allow the bubbles to touch the bottom of the screen. Using the right mouse button, you can navigate to the following bubble. so that you can fire them more easily. The winner is the person who fills the bar the most quickly or completely before the timer expires.

As we previously stated, four players are engaged in simultaneous competition. The more games you win, the higher you will move in the overall rankings, so why wouldn't you want that to happen? We wish you well with everything and sincerely hope to see more of you soon!