Archery King

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How To Play: Archery King

Using Mouse

About Archery King

Archery is a sport requiring skill, precision, and good timing. It involves shooting arrows towards targets that are usually scored as hits when they come within the outer ring and misses if they come within the inner ring. It is also called plain shooting because of its simplicity. As one of the oldest Olympic sports, Archery has been around for over 10,000 years. Archery King is a fun archery game where you can shoot arrows as fast as you can to hit as many target zones as possible before you run out of arrows and lose your turn. The game starts with only three arrow slots but you unlock more slots by winning games against other players or buying them with credits earned through in-app purchases or watching ads. 

Archery is an Olympic sport that involves shooting arrows at a target. It is one of the oldest outdoor sports and has been practised since ancient times. In archery, your target is usually a 12 foot wide circle with a bull's-eye in the centre which has a black dot marked with white rings in it. You need to shoot arrows as close as possible to the outer circumference of this circle without hitting any other objects or people. The sport also involves different phases where you have to follow certain rules and procedures during specific time periods. 

Archery King is an archery game where you have to shoot as many arrows as possible in 60 seconds. You need to use your target and your 2 targets to try and get a higher score. Arrows are slow and they travel far, but once they hit something they keep going. It's important not to leave any open shots or loose arrows on the ground, because that will cost you points.