Archer Master

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How To Play: Archer Master

Using Mouse

About Archer Master

Do you like to shoot archery? Do you want to experience the most realistic Archery games? Then this is for you! Get ready for an intense game of Archery! Archer Master is a fun, fast-paced arcade archery game from Glypto which will have you taking aim in no time. The game takes place on an imaginary bow range where you have to hit a target as fast as possible with your arrow. Make sure that your arrow goes into the hole in the centre of the hoop and don’t let it go over the side. 

The Archer Master is a shooting game that takes place in an arcade. Here you can compete with other players and try to win the most points. The objective of the game is to become the best archer by using your arrow collection and different types of ammunition to fire at the targets hidden on the screen. To do this, you will need to point your arrows accurately, don’t let them hit the target or else they won’t go into your Arrow Pack, use special abilities and boosters.