Air Traffic Control

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How To Play: Air Traffic Control

Key Features - Responsive design - Endless and challenging gameplay - Simple controls for desktop and mobile users Instruction Navigate airplanes and helicopters to the safe landing zone

About Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control is a building used to supervise aircraft landings and takeoffs at airports. These buildings are often referred to as a tower or a terminal control tower. Air traffic controllers monitor approaching aircraft and direct them to the correct runway depending on their type, weight and speed. These air traffic controllers also keep tabs on aircraft that have landed at other airports. The work of an air traffic controller can be both challenging and rewarding. You will need to stay calm in order to process multiple information streams and make minute-based decisions about each aircraft that comes anywhere near the tower you’re working in.

Have you ever dreamed of working at the control tower? If yes, then welcome to the wonderful world of Air Traffic Control. You will be an air traffic controller where your main responsibility would be to guide aircraft safely and efficiently on runways, taxiways and gates. You will have to make sure that aircraft are given clear instructions so as to not cause any confusion or congestion. 

In this free game, you are the manager of an air traffic control service. You need to manage traffic flow in order to make sure aircraft take off and land safely at airports around the world. You have limited resources with which to do it. There are many different kinds of aircraft in the world, some that require less fuel than others. Landing at smaller airports or large ones that have more runways is also dependent on where you are. Capital cities usually have more run-down airports and larger cities often have more modern ones.