A Silly Journey

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How To Play: A Silly Journey

Using Mouse

About A Silly Journey

Take a silly journey! You control a balloon, which is travelling on a stream through an endless maze. Your goal is to reach the exit without hitting any obstacles. How to play The game can be played with only one player or in co-op mode. In co-op mode, you will need a partner to control your balloon. The best way to play Solo mode - play it offline and meet people around the world who enjoy this kind of games. Play with your team up when you are playing multiplayer as a group or challenge an AI-controlled friend in an online match. 

This A Silly Journey is about a silly journey,playing music, making sweet sweet control the guy with the guitar who has to help his friends on their way to save the lovely Princess your guitar skills and avoid obstacles to pass each level in order to progress to the next one. 

Get ready to take a silly journey on a platformer arcade game! In this game, you need to collect as many stars as you can in order to win the level. However, beware of the obstacles that are waiting for you on your way to victory!